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Pedesting opens a world of possibilities, making every journey easier by highlighting essential amenities and points of interest like elevators, ramps, accessible washrooms, meeting rooms, and retail stores.

Here’s how Pedesting app makes navigation easy for everyone:

· Pedesting app helps people with disabilities and parents with strollers avoid barriers and find accessible routes.

· People with vision loss receive audio directions to help them navigate independently.

· The Pedesting app provides convenient mobile wayfinding through cities and buildings all pedestrians.

 With the Pedesting app, users can navigate with confidence.

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I never stop thinking about accessibility as someone who has used a wheelchair my whole life. I find it challenging to explore a new place and I get anxious about the barriers I might face, which may force me to go back. This frustration is what led me to create a tool that provides confidence to all pedestrians whether they are walking or rolling. Pedesting is that tool. It is meant to help people find the easiest, safest and the most accessible routes through our cities. Because everyone should be able to get everywhere, all the time. - Nabeel Ramji, Co-Founder of Pedesting

What is a Pedesting Zone?

Pedesting Zones are locations within urban environments that are in the Pedesting platform. These zones are in a variety of locations, including outdoor spaces like public transit stations and sidewalks, as well as indoor spaces where building floor plans are shown on our city basemaps. Floor plans are verified by the Pedesting team to ensure that Pedesting provides trustworthy routing. We currently have 9 Pedesting Zones on the app representing different building uses; more indoor buildings will be added to the Pedesting app in the coming months. These locations include Bow Valley College, Arts Commons, Central Public Library, Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, Brookfield Place, Stephen Avenue Place, Life Plaza, Ampersand, & The Edison. If you are a building owner, business, institution, or municipality interested in becoming a Pedesting Zone please reach out to us at

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