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The Pedesting app is a navigation tool designed to provide accessible outside and indoor wayfinding for all pedestrians. It identifies amenities and points of interests such as elevators or escalators, retail stores, meeting rooms, accessible washrooms, etc. Pedesting caters to a wide range of users, including Pedestrians who walk or use a mobility device such as a walker or wheelchair, people with vision loss and parents with strollers.

Pedesting enhances the ease of moving through spaces, fostering inclusive and barrier-free environments for all pedestrians.

What is a Pedesting Zone?

Pedesting zones are areas in the urban environment that are part of the Pedesting platform. A Pedesting Zone can be an exterior space such as C train station, a sidewalk, or a park. A Pedesting Zone can also be an interior space where the floor plans of the building are illustrated on our basemaps of the city.

Floor plans are verified by the Pedesting team to ensure that Pedesting provides trustworthy routing.

Download and Setup

Download the App: Begin by downloading the Pedesting app from either the:

App Store for iOS Devices

Google Play Store for Android

Create Your Profile: Once installed, create your profile. Choose your preferred navigation mode, either 'walking' or 'wheelchair.' Wheelchair users have the option to specify 'power wheelchair' or 'manual wheelchair' for a tailored experience.

Exploring Your World: Open the Pedesting app to start your journey. The app automatically locates your current position, simplifying the process. Just select your destination, indoor or outdoor. Pedesting uniquely offers accessible indoor navigation, a pioneering feature in mobile applications. For outdoor routes, it integrates smoothly with Google Maps.

Explore Other Pedesting Zones For Indoor Navigation:

Pedesting currently covers a variety of prominent downtown Calgary locations, making it your perfect companion for exploration.

These locations include Bow Valley College, Arts Commons, Central Public Library, Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, Stephen Avenue Place, Life Plaza.

Stay tuned as more Pedesting Zones will be joining these existing buildings in the Spring of 2024!

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