The Tread of Mighty Armies

Guest Blogger: Kent Hehr

“Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come “. This quote was attributed to Victor Hugo over 100 years ago and it rings true to me today when I think about Pedesting™.

Pedesting™ is one of those ideas that comes along every once in a while that changes the landscape and breaks down barriers. It opens up doors and brings the world into harmony (well, I might be pushing it but I hope you can tell that I am very impressed).

I am a C-5 quadriplegic and nothing frustrates me more than arriving somewhere and finding that I cannot use any of the amenities or services in the building because they are not accessible.

This limits me in many ways. Often, I will only go to places that I am familiar with because I just don’t want to navigate the challenges of a new landscape or structure when I am out pedesting.

Pedesting™ can change all that for people with limited mobility. Those of us who have wheelchairs, walkers and scooters. Those of us who challenge assumptions and break down barriers every day now have a partner in crime with this app and the unique technological advances it uses to advance our cause. It will assist us in getting to places where only mighty armies used to tread. Or, at least to a washroom that is accessible.

To be clear, I believe the Pedesting™ app will prove to be a “best in class” technology that will make life better, safer and more fun for people.

It is a great big world out there and with the power of Pedesting™ we will be able to explore every inch of it. Well, maybe not every inch...