An Overview of Accessibility at Calgary Stampede

Stampede can be a very overwhelming experience from an accessibility point of view.  But that should not prevent anyone from having fun. As the Stampede 2023 kicks off here is a consolidated quick go to information to find the most accessible options to navigate from Pedesting. If you have questions like, Is Calgary stampede accessible or accessible options to enjoy stampede this mini blog can help you.

Disclaimer: All the below data was shared by the City of Calgary and Calgary Stampede. At, Pedesting we have collated them to make it easier for anyone to find them together at one place. We do not own this data.

Stampede Parade 

Stampede officially starts with a stampede parade that takes places through the streets of downtown Calgary showcasing the rich culture, traditions, and diversity of the city. To ensure it is accessible for all, the City of Calgary has allocated separate accessible viewing zones for anyone with accessibility challenges and their friends and family.

Below is the information shared by the City of Calgary,

For the 2023 Stampede, there will be eight locations along the parade route to accommodate people with mobility challenges (canes, walkers, wheelchairs, scooters) and their friends/families.

Accessible viewing zones will be sectioned-off with barricades and will have signs indicating they are reserved for people with mobility challenges. Each location will be monitored by a City of Calgary staff member.

The eight accessible viewing zones will be reserved for people with mobility challenges until 8 a.m. on parade day (Friday, July 7). Space is limited, so get there early!

Accessible viewing zones will be located on 6 Avenue and 9 Avenue, in the following eight areas:

  • On 6 Avenue at: 1 street S.E., 2 Street S.W., 6 Street S.W. and 9 Street S.W. 
  • On 9 Avenue at: Centre Street, 2 Street S.W., 6 Street S.W. and 9 Street S.W. 

Transportation to and from the parade 

Calgary Transit Access

Calgary Transit Access will provide drop-off and pick-up services near the designated accessible viewing zones. Reserve your ride to the parade by contacting Calgary Transit Access directly.

Calgary Transit Access drop-off and pick-up areas will be located at:

  • STAMPEDE PARADE #1 - 801 - 6 Street S.W. 
  • STAMPEDE PARADE #2 - 855 - 2 Street S.W. 

Please note – Accessible viewing zones are made to accommodate mobility devices and do not have seating. Please bring your own chair if you require seating

Calgary Stampede Grounds

The Calgary Stampede has released the below information on accessible parking, navigation, accessible toilets, parking, wheel chair and stroller rentals to ensure that Stampede is accessible and enjoyed by all. 

Park Accessibility

Stampede Park is committed to provide venues where everyone feels comfortable and has an enjoyable and safe experience. Stampede Park complies with regulations and laws governing accessibility that include:

·   Dedicated, accessible parking spaces. 

·   Paved pedestrian pathways to Calgary’s light rail transit system (C-Train) station and taxi and ride-hailing areas. 

·    Designated drop off locations. 

·    Accessible paths to all venues.

·     Elevator access at all public event spaces. 

·    Centrally located washroom facilities, all with accessible stalls and baby-change facilities, and several with family rooms.

·     Service animals, welcomed in all areas with a valid Service Dog Identification Card.

We have a limited number of wheelchairs available for patrons attending events at Stampede Park. Wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wheelchair and stroller rentals are available for daily use. A $50 refundable deposit and ID are required.

Rental Prices


$3 per hour

Locker Rental - $5

Strollers - $3

Stampede Park has paved pathways and ramps that assist wheelchair access to all buildings. Elevator access in The Big Four Roadhouse is through the main entrance. GMC Stadium elevator access is available at the south tower. Accessible washrooms are located throughout Stampede Park, with designated companion washrooms available.

For more details:

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have more information on accessible stampede experience, please share them in the comments.

Happy Stampede!