Accessible Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone: A Guide by Pedesting

Greetings to all our readers at Pedesting! The holiday season is upon us, a time filled with joy, warmth, and the spirit of giving. As our Calgary office is gearing up for a beautiful holiday season, we at Pedesting have put together a special list of gift ideas tailored for individuals with various disabilities to ensure that everyone feels included and cherished during this festive season.

For People with Low Vision/Vision Loss

Customized Audio Books or Storytelling Devices: Offering audio-based entertainment for those who enjoy stories.

Tactile Art Kits: Enabling engagement in art through touch.

Braille Label Makers: Aiding in organization and identification of items.

Accessible Board Games with Braille or Large Print: Inclusive games for family fun.

Touch-Screen Gloves: Facilitating smartphone or tablet use in cold weather.


For People with Hard of Hearing

Vibration Alarm Clocks: Waking up independently without relying on sound.

Language Learning Software for Speech Difficulties: Assisting in enhancing communication skills.

Personalized Audio Messages or Music Playlists (with visual or vibration alerts): Tailored entertainment accessible through visual or tactile means.


For People with Mobility and Physical Limitations:

Voice-Activated Home Assistants: For hands-free control of the home environment.

Easy-Access Clothing: Clothes with adaptive features (Zippers/Velcro etc.)

Specialized Fitness Equipment: Adapted for a range of physical abilities.

Adaptive Keyboards and Mouse Devices: Facilitating easier computer use.

Wheelchair Canopies: Offering protection and comfort for wheelchair users.

Ergonomic Backrests or Seat Cushions: Enhancing seating comfort.

Heated Car Seat Covers: Providing warmth during cold drives.

Adaptive Cooking Tools: Making food preparation more accessible.


For People with Cognitive Disabilities:

Adaptive Writing Tools: Designed for easy handling and use.

Mobile App Subscriptions for Learning or Entertainment: Engaging, educational, and fun.

Sensory Room Decorations: Creating calming and soothing environments.

Customized Puzzle Games: For cognitive stimulation and enjoyment.


Other Gift Options To Consider: 

Digital Art Software or Tools: Encouraging creativity in the digital realm.

Specialized Photography Equipment: Catering to different physical abilities. 

Subscription to an Online Magazine or Service: Offering a wide range of topics and interests.


At Pedesting, we believe in the joy of inclusivity, especially during the holiday season. We hope this list inspires you to choose gifts that not only delight but also empower. The best gift is one that acknowledges and respects the unique needs and preferences of its recipient. Let's make this holiday season memorable for everyone, spreading happiness and warmth in the true spirit of the season.

Happy holidays from all of us at Pedesting!