Pedesting Launches the #HowDoYouPedest Campaign

To celebrate the launch of the Pedesting app and to raise awareness around pedestrian spaces and accessibility, at Pedesting we are launching the #HowDoYouPedest campaign (

#HowDoYouPedest is a campaign by Pedesting that is designed to start a conversation about Canada’s pedestrian spaces, like sidewalks, pathways, crosswalks and indoor spaces. 

How do you pedest?” is a question we’re asking every pedestrian in your city. 

·      Anyone can pedest.

·      You can be a parent with a stroller.

·      You can be riding on your scooter to school or work.

·      You can be an individual with a walker.

·      You can simply be on a walk enjoying the fresh air.

·      You can be an individual who uses a wheelchair every day.

We are all pedestrians, and this campaign centers on the pedestrian journey. It's about the small joys of strolling along sidewalks, the challenges some of us encounter in search of accessible routes, and the cherished accessible places where we take our loved ones. In every pedestrian journey, countless stories await discovery, and our campaign is here to bring them to light.


Be A Part Of The Campaign


All you have to do is tell us your pedesting story. 

Tell us what you love about pedesting. Tell us the challenges you face when pedesting. 

Is it difficult to locate ramps? Are there too many stairs? Are the sidewalks not wide enough? 

Tell us about your favourite place to go to in your City.

Do you love the views you encounter while pedesting? Do you like getting out in the sun? 

Tell us about about a place that you wish was more accessible in your city.

Tell us about the friends and family who pedest with you.

If you have any stories you’d like to share, tell us using the hashtag #HowDoYouPedest on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, X (formerly Twitter), or Tiktok and tag us @pedesting.

Let your creative juices flow -- say it through words, videos, pictures, paintings, or any art form. Tag any local businesses, accessibility champions, accessible restaurants, places, and people who support you in your post. 


Why #HowDoYouPedest Campaign?


Our primary goal is to raise awareness and foster education on accessibility issues. Through this campaign, we aim to enhance the representation of people with diverse abilities, encouraging everyone to explore and enjoy our city more freely. We believe that every pedestrian, regardless of their abilities, should have equal access and enjoy the vibrant urban environment we share.

The campaign runs from September 26 to October 31 digitally throughout Canada. Join the campaign and share us your story. For more details please visit,